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Im way to sensitive to reality

Right now im only going through a hard time. Only my mother takes care of me while my dad is gone to his better life lol. Sometimes though i feel as if im such a bad kid neither of them want to be around me. My mom even said so more than once. She is partially why my self esteem is so low. My dad has made me hate liars. I'm in the wrong most of the time i believe because im not old or wise but when someone tells you make them sick and they hate you or your a trouble child and never going to be anyone. This is no lie and all of it has been told to me. Im a senior in high school trying my best to do better as a daughter. I truely believe what i get in return sometimes hurts my feelings waaaay to much and it is not fair at all!

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Im pretty sure thats abuse. Verbal abuse, if nothing else. You may just be a moody person and counting your days until you're outta there, but if it is REALLY affecting you and you want change, you can report them. I'm sure you love your parents and dont want them to go to jail or be in trouble with the law but if YOU are being mistreated by them they can be held responsble for that. If they're not beating or neglecting you I doubt that much will be done legally but calling them out on their verbal abuse may get you the attention you need. Maybe they will stop or a more responsible adult will step into your life.
Whatever you do, remember they are your bread and butter so if the situation is liveable but just not desireable maybe you should leave it alone until after high school and you could move out. You don't want an already bad situation to escalate worse because you ratted them out. There could be serious consequences to them from the law. It all just depends on how much you can take and what you feel you're worth at this point in life.

Heres what I suggest:
1. Find a positive role model to look up to. I know this sounds so 'big sistery' but if all you hear are putdowns and insults I can see WHY you're feeling in the dumps. You need to be around someone who KNOWS that you are a great person and who will bring that out of you. They can be anyone you trust (relative, teacher, gym coach, sales rep, etc...) any body that will take the time to encourage you to be better. If you can't find anyone in your life, find a good public figure. You won't get to talk to them but you can admire them and mimic their good behaviors.

2. Start making serious changes in your attitude. There is NO reason for them to be name calling and declaring hate, (whether they mean it or not), however if people are calling you trouble think about your past actions. What are you doing that would make them feel that way? Are you being arrested? Cutting class? skipping school? Stealing? Rebelling against authority? What are you doing that is causing them so much stress? If you are doing nothing wrong or if you are the scapegoat and are always the one to take the fall for something then try changing your environment and then simply wait it out.

But if you are purposely doing things for attention or whatever reason, stop it. You're not only provoking your parents, you're ruining your reputation and you will NEED that to be at least decent when you step out own your own.

3. If you have low self esteem join a club that will make you feel better. It should relate to whatever area in your life you're lacking esteem at. You will meet people just like you who can normalize the situation. By hearing that you're not the only one who deals with this you'll get a grip on reality and it might not be much of a big deal. You'll also be less concerned about what your parents call you when you have a support group of friends to back up your awesomeness.

Please remember parents are people too. They say things they don't mean. They have overwhelming responsibilities that distract them from other things in life. They worry about their kids constantly and they make big mistakes in parenting. Try to forgive them. If not now then later. Use this perspective, are your parents mistreating you due to their own selfishness or are they responding to your actions?

It's OK to be sensitive just don't let it rule your life. Sometimes you have to brush off the dust and forge through life. Wanting to be treated like an equal human being is NOT being selfish. This is your birthright, nobody should be allowed to mistreat you. Unfortunately it happens all the time in life. Still it is NOT selfish, Your inner voice is speaking up telling you that you are entitled to respect. It's confirming to you what you already feel that what your mom is saying to you is wrong and unfair.

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Are my feelings normal or am i selfish?

I believe the things said to me are wrong and i have never heard anyones parents be that cruel.