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Mr Right - Is he the love of my life.
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keeping the relationship based on feelings not past experience.
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Mr Right - Is he the love of my life.

How do I know I found the right guy? He seems to do everything just right. My heart tells me he is the one, but I have thought this before and it was Mr Wrong.

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Go with your gut. Not everything is as it seems.
If you have to ask questions about him, then you have your doubts. Take your time and let the romance play out for a while.
Your heart will lead you into love but you should use your head to stay there. Give it some time. If you still like him in a couple of years after you've seen all his warts, then you might have something.
No one is "the one".
well see i have a friend who's boyfriend just broke up with her and he didn't like her but then he started talking to me found out that he realy likes me and wan'ts to go out with me. what should i do? my friend doesn't think i'll go out with him b/c i'm her friend, but truth be told we hit it off great and i want it to continue but i want to keep my friend ship with her. so again ask what should i do...cause if she was a true friend would she not understand that you can't help who you fall in love with.
if he cheets on u dump him but if u can't and its hard to try to work things out
Its very simple... Go with the flow, don't worry about anything, always think positive.. and If all comes to all n he cheats, well you should be strong enough to not let it break you. Ask the universe for true love and you'l get it...
ur a disgrace... be a real friend and stick by your girl. she already been dumped then u guna make her deal with her friend getting it on with her ex boyfriend.
you cant help who u fall in love with your right.... but.... if u wasnt putting yourself in a situation where things could happen then nothing could possibly happen. your just acting like a floozy tart. keep your eyes to yourself.
how do you know he really loves you?
how do you feel about the whole "mr. right"
Go S.L.O.W
ask him if he loves you and ask him why. I think about Mr. Right is maybe what you think your looking for but you never the people that you haven't met my be itching for you too so try to find Mr. Right and try to make more friends.. and you never know Mr. Right may be around the corner!!!
dont worry. You will find the one that is everything u want in life. but dont go to fast. u wnana keep your options open.
I know what you mean if your questioning your thoughts talk to him tell him your concerns because you could end up like me & love someone that doesnt love you
if you have to ask he's not the one
his he the one
therrs no perfect in this world i dont believe mr right,dont expect too much
mr right is not here on earth,i think you are confuse and need more attention to him
hm thats a tough one, because you may trust him, he may trust you, but sometimes when you both say yeah your the one, theres always that feeling that their not... it hurts , and all you can do is wait and find outt...
how do i know that he is the one?... he is a leo in a zodiac sign...
i feel there someone is mr.right for me because i believe that he is the one for me and only him that i want to be with forever. dont you see our hearts are the one?..
i need so much
we cant just trust anyone we meet it's alwayz the same. whether we love someone or not they can talk about anything beyond their reach.
enjoy the moment while it lasts,let no one get in your way of finding true honest around hih show him that you care and that you love him.tell him that you trust him ever-so-often.and he will know you care.
well okay there is this guy that i have been dating for three days now,and there is something about him that i love and he said would you ever cheat on me or lie to me and i said no,but he is messin with my head so hard and i cant figure out if he likes me or not.what should i do????
for the girl with her friend..

and her friend's ex bf.

well, it depends on how serious your friend and her ex bf were. its difficult when you like someone and its your friends ex bf. Dating your friends ex bf is a big no no. ask yourself, is it really worth losing your best friend over this guy?
Yeah I got tricked before also, I thought for sure this guy was my future everything, but he wasn't. I met a different guy got different gut feeling and when me & him are apart I feel like a piece of me is gone, just go with your gut, live in the moment, stop thinking negative and so far ahead of time.
dont have to think is he ur mr right or mr wrong..just go with it..u gonna be ok..yeah=]
i left my boygriend in 2005 just because i believed that i was better off without him......i've made the biggest mistake of my life it took me since july 05 untill feb 08 to finally get in contact with me! he tells me he still cares and my heart will always be with him!
I truely understand how u feel bout questioning urself about some1 u love or are in love with I feel these would be a question u would have to fine out on ur own and c how things play out....good luck
i think you need to go with your gut! i have dated a guy for 8 months and thought he was Mr. Right. i was wrong. he played and right now its hard to forget someone you truely thought you loved.
hes the one u always get 2nd thoughts always,,
if you have to ask he is the wrong person
when you love someone you have to sacrifice, not to do or give everything for your love but simply just love her/him. love means time that is the bst meaning of love.
How does "the one" respond to you because I feel i am in love with the man of my dreams and because he feels the same way about me and he connect in ways that are at an wonderful intuition level.
he ask me leave his house bic i touched his phone........
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